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Viasat Energy Services goes far beyond other providers by including a suite of Over-the-Top (OTT) products and solutions that improve safety, minimize risk, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Viasat is your trusted partner for connectivity solutions in the oil and gas industry. We combine communications, networking, and collaboration services with the goal to provide global reach, exceptional performance, and unwavering reliability for offshore assets and remote locations.
Our comprehensive suite of managed communications services delivers end-to-end solutions that cover everything from sensors to servers. Viasat provides full installation, maintenance, and support services, enabling you to automate and enhance processes across all areas of your operations.

Viasat Energy Services: Elevating safety, minimizing risk, enhancing efficiency and productivity

Viasat offers comprehensive solutions aimed at boosting crew morale in remote locations, optimizing operational efficiency by reducing employee turnover, and maximizing productivity. Our range of products and solutions are specifically designed to prioritize safety, while minimizing risks.


Advanced video solutions

Offering a comprehensive remote video intelligence system that delivers cost-efficient, high-quality video streams and analysis using ultra-low bandwidth.


Broadest portfolio of crew connectivity services

Promote crew welfare and improve morale with a range of crew connectivity solutions including personal phone accounts, to Wi-Fi access and video media. Viasat provides a range of intelligent and flexible service plans to help meet and manage crew connectivity and informational services.


Activate intelligent operational analytics

Leverage big data with powerful, intelligent machine learning analytics that improve operational performance and reduce inefficiency.

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