Advertising & Ancillary Revenue

Activate your in-flight audience, and unlock ancillary revenue streams.

Platform for revenue generation


There are several routes to IFC-enabled ancillary revenue, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach for airlines. Your monetization strategy should blend seamlessly with your passenger experience goals, creating value for you and your customers. 

Viasat’s industry-leading connectivity provides a powerful platform to integrate advertising and rich content offers into your passenger offering. With our robust network of advertising partners and enhanced digital advertising capabilities, airlines can activate their in-flight audience with minimal effort. 

PAssenger female looking sky in a commercial airplane
PAssenger female looking sky in a commercial airplane

Boost revenue potential with an end-to-end ad operations solution

Viasat provides a full service advertising and ancillary revenue generation solution for airlines, from designing an advertising mix that aligns with your brand to providing access to our extensive advertiser network and optimizing your ancillary services portfolio for maximum revenue generation. 

Advertiser ecosystem

Access to a robust network of advertisers ready to engage with your inflight audience.

Modular revenue streams

Activate a range of compelling ad units on your in-flight portal.  

Comprehensive support services

Management of the complete ad lifecycle to optimize revenue yield​.

Ancillary opportunities

Texture clouds
Texture clouds

Sponsored internet

Engage passengers with high-impact video ads in exchange for in-flight Wi-Fi.​

Texture stars
Texture stars

Sponsored access

Present passengers with promoted third-party entertainment services for their flight.​

Texture clouds
Texture clouds

Dynamic advertising

Modernize in-flight advertising with dynamic digital advertising capabilities.

Stars and clouds
Stars and clouds


Unlock a wider range of retail offerings to passengers, through connected shopping partners.

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Passenger female using the mobile phone in a commercial airplane