Viasat Ka

Powerful and high-performing business aviation internet service without caps on usage or speed.¹

Stream, scroll, and browse at 40,000 feet

We deliver high-performing onboard Wi-Fi to stay connected in the air, just like at home or in the office. From email and VPN to video streaming and conferencing, our Viasat Ka service helps ensure business applications are available while you are traveling, so important business doesn’t have to wait.


Connect without compromise — and without speed limits


Get ground-like-quality connectivity experience miles in the air. Our innovative Viasat Ka solution is redefining in-flight connectivity for business jets with “no speed limits”¹, giving everyone onboard fast and reliable Wi-Fi access. Now a line-fit option with major OEMs and with STCs on 22 different airframes, Viasat Ka offers high speeds typically greater than 30 Mbps².

Value that rises above

The Viasat Ka service is truly an investment for tomorrow. The performance will be coveted by crew and passengers alike and the system can be customized for individual needs.

Coverage confidence

With strategically positioned satellite technology, Viasat delivers ultra-reliable in-flight Wi-Fi.

Capacity is key

Viasat’s high-capacity satellites allow for broadband speeds that can exceed expectations and wow passengers.

Sky-high tech

Viasat hardware is in it for the long haul with forward-thinking and future-compatible technology.

24/7/365 support

Viasat’s round-the-clock-and-calendar customer service model keeps equipment running and aircraft airborne.

Partner network

We only work with partners that share our dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, innovation and global delivery. Our global network of service providers for Viasat Ka include the industry leaders Satcom Direct, Honeywell and Collins Aerospace.


Experience capacity unleashed

How does Viasat provide connectivity that meets the big demands of today's world on the move? It's all about delivering capacity when and where it's needed most. Take a closer look with Viasat's interactive application, Capacity Unleashed.

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Reliable in-flight connectivity is within reach. More information about Viasat’s high-performing Wi-Fi, global coverage and advanced technology for business jets or private aircraft is a call or click away.
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¹ - “No speed limits” means that there is no cap set on the speed delivered to a terminal. Speeds may still be limited by terminal equipment capabilities, network and environmental conditions, and other factors.

² - “Typical” speeds are the speeds a terminal should usually experience under normal network and environmental conditions. Speeds are not guaranteed and will vary.